Here's What's Trending 5/8/2014


Lovely lashes and blue beehives? Bring it on.

D'oh! MAC Cosmetics will release a Marge Simpson collection in honor of the show's 25th anniversary.  

 “The Simpsons” matriarch Marge Simpson is getting her own limited-edition color collection from MAC Cosmetics in honor of the show’s 25th anniversary.

Though there’s no official word on what will be in the collection.The collection is slated to be released in September, more details about the actual products will be coming soon. This is MAC’s latest foray into pop culture collaborations.

The makeup brand will release the ever-so-evil “Maleficent” collection on May 15, featuring items like a pale finishing powder and incredible blood-red lipstick, and a fierce eyeshadow palette that is surprisingly wearable.Of course mac is currently working with Lord on her color line which includes pure heroin lipstick which is a deep plum.

The Invincible Phone?





Caterpillar is known for its rugged machinery but now they created an invincible cellphone.


The Cat B100 handset has been designed to withstand almost any condition.


It can withstand cold and hot temperatures, can be in water for up to 30-minutes and survive close to a six foot drop.


It also has a talk-time of up to 10-hours and can be on standby for up to 23-days using a single charge.

Cool New App!!

8mm app!  It’s the same app that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift used to shoot a video of them dancing together at the Met Gala. It was even used by a director on an Oscar-winning film after he ran out of money! It’s $1.99 so it’s pricey for an app…but still so cool!