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TimeHop is a cool little app that will connect you to what you've done in the past! Connect it to your social media accounts and each day it will send you an update of what you posted on that very day 2, 3,  4, or 5 years ago. It's crazy to see what you were thinking or doing on that very day. It's also a great way to find some awesome #TBT photos you forgot existed! Download for Apple and Android.


What can we learn from a 3 year old? Meet Emily and see......

Bleeding Tape : Stock Photogetty images

Cassette tapes don't get much love. That's a shame, because magnetic tape is still a surprisingly robust way to back up data. Especially now: Sony just unveiled tape that holds a whopping 148 GB per square inch, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. Prepare for the mixtape to end all mixtapes.

Sony's technique, BRAINIACS! is interesting but the the result: three Blu-Rays' worth of data can fit on one square inch of Sony's new wonder-tape.

Naturally, that kind of memory isn't going to go in the cassette deck on your ancient boom box any time soon. Sony developed the technology for long-term, industrial-sized data backup, a field where tape's slow write times and the time it takes to scroll through yards and yards of tape to find a single file aren't crippling problems.

Sony wouldn't say when or if this new type of tape is expected to hit the market, but when it does, it'll be a victory for the old school.