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The Unnoficial Oscars Drinking Game!

The Unnoficial Oscars Drinking Game!

Gold man

The Academy Awards are this Sunday! For those of you who want to use it as an excuse to kick back, IGN Entertainment has put together a drinking game. Enjoy, folks! Please make sure you drink responsibly and use a designated driver!

Here are the rules:

Sip your beer:
  • Whenever there is an awkward silence 
  • Music starts playing during an acceptance speech 
  • Ellen DeGeneres starts dancing 
  • When the camera shows Meryl Streep 
  • When someone says they "didn't prepare" a speech
Take a shot:
  • If the censors miss a curse word 
  • If someone mentions Shia LeBeouf 
  • Someone starts uncontrollably crying 
  • If Meryl Street takes a shot
Chug half a beer: 
  • If a celebrity trips going up the stairs 
  • Politics are brought up during an acceptance speech 
  • If a presenter butchers someone's name 
  • If someone praises Meryl Streep 
Shotgun a beer: 
  • If Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor 
  • If Jonah Hill wins Best Supporting Actor 
  • If Meryl Streep wins anything

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