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Fashionistas hoping to snatch up the first family's inauguration looks are in for quite the disappointment. J.Crew is planning to retire two of the buzzed-about pieces Michelle Obama and her daughter Malia wore Monday, including the 14-year-old's $325 bright plum coat.


Is your kid a 'koodie?' Do they know the difference between hollandaise and béarnaise sauce already and scoff with disdain at the idea of boxed macaroni and cheese for lunch? The "MasterChef" TV franchise has put out a casting call for kid foodies who could be the next Thomas Keller.

"Junior MasterChef" in the U.S. is looking for kids between the ages of 8 and 13 with an avid interest in food, impressive knife skills, a broad culinary repertoire and Michelin stars in their eyes, according to food blog Eater.com.

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Beyonce could've done a sock puppet lip-sync of the "Star Spangled Banner" -- as far as Steven Tyler's concerned -- as long as her smoking bod was in plain view at the Inauguration.

Steven was outside the Viper Room, and when we asked about B's lip-syncing debacle he said ...  "Beyonce's so hot she can do anything. Let's just get real."

Aerosmith's frontman didn't seem the least bit bent about the controversy, and even belted out ... "Whatever gets you through the night" ... LIVE, mind you.

So, has Steven ever, y'know -- faked it?

Check the clip and get the answer straight from those famous lips

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Breaking News

The guy who voiced Charlie Brown in multiple Peanuts specials has been arrested in San Diego after authorities say he stalked someone.

56-year-old Peter Robbins -- who voiced CB in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" -- was busted at the San Ysidro Port of Entry this weekend after a background check revealed an active warrant out for his arrest.

According to the AP, Robbins is set to be arraigned Wednesday for making a threat to cause great death or bodily injury and stalking. It's unclear who Robbins is accused of stalking and threatening.

A rep for the voice actor had no comment.

Shawn Holley
is saying goodbye to Lindsay Lohan for good, even though Lindsay has begged her to come back on board as her lawyer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the case tell us ... Holley is in the process of filling out paperwork and getting the necessary signatures to officially withdraw from the case ... before Lindsay's hearing on January 30. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay fired Holley last week as she was on her way to the courthouse to discuss plea bargaining her lying-to-cops case. Lindsay hired Mark Heller, a New York lawyer who is not licensed to practice in California.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay has told Holley she made a mistake firing her and wants her back, but Holley has had it with Lohan -- who still owes her a ton of money.

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