You've probably heard me talking about Ara Karkasian Watch & Jewelry Company. I love going in there and daydreaming about all the beautiful pieces of jewelry they have.

One day, I was chatting with Ara about an Amethyst ring I had that I never wore. The setting was from the 80's, it was clunky and would always get knocked around.  He said that we could take a look and redesign it! I was very excited! I took it in, we looked at some of the rings he had on site for inspiration and what we came up with was a beautiful ring that I will actually wear now!

If you have a piece of jewelry that means something to you, but don't wear it often or at all. See Ara at Ara Karkazian Watch & Jewelry Co. on the N.E. corner of Bullard & West.

Let him Rock YOUR World!