You could be yummy to those little irritating biters and not even realize it! Have you ever wondered why you get bit more than your husband or friends? Or maybe your husband is the one with all the itchies.  Here are a few reasons why you could seem yummier than the next guy to mosquitos!


Just 12 oz of beer can make a big difference in your yumminess factor to mosquitos!  Beer increases the amount of ethanol in excreted in your sweat and it also raises your body temperature, which is a yummy flag waving way to call the critters to bite ya!


Yes, pregnant women do get bit more than non pregnant women! Yeah, it's not fair, but it's true! Pregnant women exhale about 21 percent more carbon dioxide than non pregnant women and their body temperatures usually run a little higher....welcome to the buffet table pregnant ladies!


Seriously, mosquitos also use their eyes to locate victims....not just their nose - or whatever they have.  So wearing colors that stand out, may make you an easier target for the little biters.  I guess khaki is the way to go!

Now you know!!!