Shopping cart in grocery store full of fruits and vegetables : Stock Photo

Did you know you can eat to beat depression? You can!  Stock up on these 6 grocery items, each containing vitamins and nutrients proven to make you less irritable, more alert, and all around happier!


1. Mushrooms: Contain vitamin D, low levels of which have been linked to depression, chronic pain, headaches and heart disease.


2. Whipped butter: Butter makes everyone happy, but because the whipped kind is less dense, it contains fewer calories :)


3.  Wild Salmon/Trout/Mackerel: They're the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, critical for warding off depression.


4. Chickpeas: A great source of vitamin B6, essential to cognitive development and a healthy brain.


5. Dark-green leafy veggies: Contains folate, a B vitamin that may also help reduce symptoms of depression


6. Pumpkin Seeds: A hugely underrated mood booster, these contain large quantities of magnesium!