Dave here.  Got to talking this morning about the "Wheel of Fortune" and came up a bunch of "Wheel" facts with which to thrill your friends.  Try these...

The original name of the show was "Shoppers Bazaar" and you won fake cash to put toward prizes on set.  It was kind of like a carnival out there.  Better now with REAL money all the time!

Pat Sajak is really Patrick Leonard Sajdak.  He's 67.

Vanna is really Vanna Marie Rosich.  She's looking amazing at age 57.

The wheel comes in at 2400 pounds.  It's computerized with a bunch of lights which can produce up to 2 million colors. 

Vanna has worn over 5700 gowns since she started.  And the answer to the question you're obviously thinking...No!  She's never repeated one.

Pat matches his tie to Vanna's dress.  Awww!

They tape 5 or 6 shows a day.  Yes, Pat's gig is even more awesome than you thought.

Today's puzzle board is made up of 52 touch screen TVs turned on their sides.  12, 14, 14 and 12 across, top to bottom.

Biggest payout EVER...Michelle Lowenstein, who in October, 2008 took a million dollars in the bonus round, total in cash and prizes...$1,026,080.


most importantly, the first letter Vanna ever turned was..."T."