I DID say "Ice Cream Cleanse." 

And this morning we'll discuss.  Seems Kippy's Ice Cream Shop in Venice, CA is offering a 4-day ice cream cleanse, and that sure sounds good to us!

Kippy's ice creams are organic, raw and coconut-based, so they're not dairy (although they DO contain honey, so they're technically not vegan).  Cleansers get five servings a day in such flavors as Orange Creme and Master Cleanse (which features lemon, cayenne pepper and honey) for $220.  The price includes a daily yoga class at the studio next door to the shop. 

Want to know if if works and what a nutritionist says?  Tune in and join in at 559-247-2989 and we'll have more details.  

And I DID say "Ice Cream Cleanse."  Are you in?  DaveT