It's SHARK WEEK...EEEEK!  We'll be kicking that around this morning, attempting to discern whether "Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine," that goofy shark show that aired Sunday on "Discovery," was "Photoshop Shark" or "REAL EEEk Shark," we'll ask what shark show you're most looking forward to, "Monster Hammerhead," "Lair of Megasharks," "Alien Sharks" or "Zombie Sharks."

We've got a bunch of imaginary shark movie titles we think you'll like (and we'll be accepting your suggestions), and, most importantly, we'll be sharing your most chilling brushes with sharks.  It should be a very unsettling day of radio with Dave, Teri Ann and our friend, Jaws. 

Join us this morning and DON'T GET EATEN!!! DaveT