Apple will  unveil the eagerly awaited iPhone 6 on September 9th, according to reports.  The tech giant has scheduled a 'big' media event related to its latest mobile phone next month.  Judging by past releases, the iPhone 6 could be available to the public by September 19th!

They've launched an iPhone each year since 2007, so this year is looking to be the same. 

The new iPhone will have two different screen sizes 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.  With the smaller of the two to be made available first.  Rumored updates range from a bigger screen and camera to health monitoring and more storage.  So basically it's a major revision of the iPhone including the entire design.  Due September 9th.

The price? Well that might be tough to swallow..rumors are saying about $950 bucks! Wow!

Save those pennies now!


Teri Ann