Could be we'll have these ridiculous temperatures all the way to next Wednesday and beyond.  And all this heat could lead to heatstroke.  And that's nothing to mess around with. 

Unlike heat exhaustion, this could be deadly.  Heatstroke causes skin to become red or hot, your pulse quickens and becomes stronger.  Treat it immediately or it COULD lead to permanent disability or even death.

Heatstroke symptoms include an elevation of body temperature, lack of sweating, headaches, nausea and vomiting.  Neurological symptoms, such as confusion or unconsciousness, can also result from extreme exposure to heat.  Elderly people and little kids are most at risk.

If you believe someone is suffering from heatstroke, move them to cooler place, call 911 and use a damp cloth or get them in a cool bath to lower their temperature.

If you must work outside, avoid exerting yourself out in the heat especially from 10 am to 6 pm, drink plenty of water and take breaks often in a cool place. 

Be sure to check on the elderly as often as possible and, if need be, get them to a Cooling Center.

Fresno Cooling Centers are open on the hottest days from Noon to 8PM.  Here are some...

Ted C. Willis Community Center, 770 N San Pablo Ave.

Frank H. Ball Neighborhood Center, 760 Mayor Ave.

Mosqueda Community Center, 4670 E. Butler Ave.


Pinedale Community Center, 7170 N. San Pablo Ave.

In Clovis, try the Sierra Vista Mall, open 7 days

In Visalia, the Transit Center at 425 E. Oak Ave. is open from 10 to 10.

Stay cool, drink water, listen to SoftRock 989.  DaveT