It's all in a new book which sets out to find answers about our brains and bodies of water.  In "Blue Mind," marine biologist Wallace Nichols sets out to discover the relationship between us, our minds and that big, blue sea. 

He says, after a stressful week, the best thing in the world is to get out of here, head west and hit that big blue reset button.  Says Nichols, "There are all these cognitive and emotional benefits that we derive every time we spend time by the water, in water or under water.  Brain imaging indicates that proximity to water floods the brain with feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. 

We'll get into this, this morning.  Join us.  Perhaps we should plan a little field trip.  I hear that Monterey is nice this time of year.  Hey, it's just research I'm doing here.  DaveT