Here's the word on the stuff you gotta get NOW while the gettin' is good...

Here are July's Big Bargains...

1. Furniture.  Now that most people have done their seasonal renovating, their used furniture is out of the house and on the market.  Hit those thrift stores, consignment shops and furniture outlets where you'll reap the booty of someone else's Spring cleaning.  Plus retailers are getting rid of there old merchandise to bring in the new stuff.  Go for it.  Negotiate.  It often works.

2. Computers and tablets.  Prices start to drop in the month of July.  And they continue to go down toward the beginning of the school year.  Sign up for retailer e-newsletters, so you can stay on top of what's both hot and less expensive.

3.  Buy bottled water.  With all this heat, you're probably already on this train, but did you know that bottled water tends to go on sale in July as a way to get you into the stores?  Why not stock up now?

4.  Collect condiments.  Bet you never heard of this deal.  Old backyard favorites like mustard, ketchup, relish, sour cream, sauerkraut, mayo and pickles are going cheap this month.

5. Jeans.  Turns out that July is the best time to buy blue jeans, because few people buy jeans when its so stinkin' hot.  Retailers are dropping jeans prices big time and, in anticipation of new product, they've got to clear the shelves.  So, swoop in and make a deal.


6.  Suits.  Formal suits are also seldom purchased in the dog days of

summer.  So, many retailers will cut prices deep to move old stock.  If you have a formal wedding or special event to attend, make a deal.  July is the time!