Here are some tips which can help get you over that rough spot between jobs...

1. File for unemployment benefits immediately.  To qualify, your employer must confirm that you WERE laid off.  The Department of Labor website can send you to the right place. 

2. Understand your severance package.  Some companies allow you to negotiate a severance package.  Make sure you get reimbursed for outstanding vacation days and expenses.  And check on your stock options, which may have vested, in order to sell them.

3. Maintain your health insurance.  When you get laid off, your health insurance may end immediately.  One option, though it may not be pretty, is COBRA.  It may cost you an arm and a leg, but, at least, it'll keep you covered.  It'll run for at least 18 months.  Again, check with the Labor Department website.

4. Reduce spending to avoid debt.  Take a look at monthly expenses to see where you can trim.  Could be a while.  Try to plan ahead.

5. DO NOT withdraw from your 401k.  Times may be tough, but resist the urge to take cash out of your 401k plan.  In some cases, not only will you be hit with income taxes, but also with a 10% penalty.

Hunker down til things get better.  We're right there with you!  DaveT