It's one of 9 ways for you to get more "likes" on Instagram!

Be listening this morning to Dave and Teri Ann for 9 ways to better-liked.  Hey, everyone likes "likes."  Here are your 9 ways to get "likes" on Instagram...

1. Take more selfies.

2. Limit yourself.  Posting too much?  That's overkill.

3. Go outside.  People like color and brightness.

4. The hashtag you should NEVER use...#Drunk.

5. The hashtag you should ALWAYS use...#No Filter.

6. What are the optimal number of hashtags to use on a post.  We'll tell you.

7. The right angle can make or break your "likes."  Ask your photographer to shoot UP at you.  We'll tell you why.

8. Which filter gets the most "likes?"  We've got that, too.


9. Back at "Blue?"  We'll tell you why blue is best and which colors are not so great.

Turn us on.  Let's talk!