The average weekly grocery bill in America for a family of 4 is over 200 bucks. So we thought we'd tip you off this morning to a short list of 8 things to NEVER buy at a grocery store.

1. Party Supplies.  Don't do it! Hit the dollar store instead.

2. While you're at it, don't get those greeting cards at the supermarket either.  Amazon sells a 50 pack for under 10 dollars.

3. Brand name spices.  Consumer Reports blind tasted generics and found them just as tasty.

4. Lunchables.  We'll tell you about all the sugar, sodium and calories in those things this morning and we'll never have to tell you again.

5. Gift Credit Cards.  Visa and Mastercard gift cards can tack on a fee of 5 bucks or more.  Go with the gift card from the retailer itself.  No extra charge!

6. Batteries.  They know you need them right now at the checkout and they charge like it, too.  Try Costco or go to Amazon.

7. Diapers.  Again, you pay at the grocery store for the convenience and you pay big.  Amazon has huge discounts through the Amazon Mom Program or you can try the big box stores.


8. Bottles water.  Yeah, we drink it too but it can run 1,000 times more expensive than tap water.  Hmmm.

Join us this morning and we'll kick these things around.  DaveT