Don't touch that!

Or as mom used to say, "Don't touch ANYTHING!"

On average, you touch as many as 30 things a minute...light switches, door knobs, phone receivers, your remote.  But, at home, you can at least try to keep those germs at bay.  Not so easy when you go out to dinner, grocery shop or visit the doctor's office.  

Here are the 8 things the experts say you should be wary of touching...

1. Restaurant menus.  How many hands have been on one of those?  Do menus ever get washed?

2. Lemon wedges.  Or orange slices.  Could have MICROBES!  Yucch!

3. Condiment dispensers. 

4. Restroom door handles.  Did that person in front of you wash up?

5. Soap dispensers.  Yeah, it's soap, but how about around the edge?

6. Grocery carts.  2/3 of them tested for... Just listen today and we'll tell you more...

7. Airplane bathrooms.  Many travelers, few sinks.


8. Doctor's offices.

If some of these seem strange, just listen this morning and we'll scare your head near clear off. 

And, wash your hands.  DaveT