We did it a couple of days ago and it felt so good we went back to the well.  Here are 7 MORE Totally Awesome iPhone Apps!!!

1. RunPee.  You never should have had that 44-ounce Diet Coke at the movies, but, if you did, here's your App!  RunPee tells you at exactly which minute to, well, RunPee.  It even tells you which line of dialogue to listen for, how long your pee break should run AND it even synopsizes what happened while you were away.  I swear by this thing.  Even works with movies that are just out, like today.

2. Slice.  Takes all of your upcoming deliveries and tracks them in one handy place.  If you do a lot of shopping, this is invaluable!

3. Songkick!  Scans your iTunes library and Spotify listening and lets you know when your favorite artists are playing near here.  Gotta have it.

4. TripIt.  Keeps all of your travel itineraries in one place so you never have to remember to print out your flight info again.  A must, if you travel a lot.

5. VSCO Cam.  A deceptively simple but beautiful photo editor that'll make your pics look even better that Instagram filters do.

6. Waze.  Tired of getting unexpectedly getting stuck in traffic on the way to work?  Just listen to those traffic reports on Dave and Teri Ann in the Morning...Duh! Or, give Waze a try.  It's almost as good.

7. Sleep Talk Recorder.  Do you ever wonder if you talk in your sleep?  Wonder no longer.  Sleep Talk Recorder runs all night but only records when it picks up

sounds.  ***Warning*** This device not only picks up your voice but ALL sounds.  Yeah, that's YOU.  DaveT