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6 Vending Machines You Really Need!

6 Vending Machines You Really Need!
Posted June 24th, 2014 @ 2:04am

The first vending machine may have exchanged holy water for a coin in ancient Egypt.  Tobacco vending machines have vended since the 1600s.  Then came soft drinks, candy bars, bubble name it.  

Now here are 6 vending machines that you need right now...

1. Gold Bars.  At the Gold ATM in Dubai, you can purchase anything up to a one ounce bar with your choice of designs from a kangaroo to a maple leaf to the locally significant Burj Khalifa.  The price stays up to date via the internet.  How much?  If you have to ask...

2. Flip Flops.  Available in a vending machine in Sydney, Australia, you are lookin' good in this country of sunshine, surfer dudes and that over-all relaxed attitude.  You're at the mercy of the machine for sizes and styles, but for about 20 bucks, it's time to kick off your shoes...

3. Umbrellas.  You'll find this vending machine at the Vancouver, BC airport where they average 57 inches of rain per anum.  Here in the valley...No!  Now, a SHADE machine?  That could work.  Wait.  An umbrella IS a shade machine.  That COULD work.

Anybody hungry?  How about caviar?

4. Beverly Hills has not one but 3 Caviar Machines.  Packed in shiny containers, you get 25 grams for 25 bucks.  For $1,000, you get 400 grams!

Still hungry but watching your budget?  Try...

5. Burritos.  On the campus of USC, there stands the world's first burrito vending machine!  Hot, steaming burritos for $3.75 each.  That's more like it!

And to top it all off...

6. Cupcakes!  Stocked with up to 750 yummy cupcakes baked daily in the adjoining Sprinkes bakery, for $4.25 you get to make your choice from cinnamon chocolate, black and white, Irish chocolate and maple bacon flavors.  Sprinkles opened its first "Cupcake ATM" in 2012 in California.  It's somewhere in SoCal.  You'll have to Google it...



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