Dave here, and today we'll talk about cruising!  I love it, but Teri Ann has her misgivings.

Perhaps I can change her mind when I debunk these 3 cruising myths...

1. Myth:Cruises are BORING!

How about walking a REAL plank, 180 feet over a REAL ocean? Or a simulated skydiving experience?

2. Myth:The food on board is always the same.

Wait 'til I explain "Cruise local, Eat Local!" Or all those new wine programs!!!

3. Myth:Cruising is EXPENSIVE!

How about 7 days cruising the Bahamas and Florida in an ocean view room for just 85 bucks a person?  A 15-night cruise from San Diego to NEW ZEALAND, including wine, for just $212 per night?

We gotta talk.  Join us this morning as we kick cruising around... DaveT