Do you get nervous when you've got to call a cab?  When will they show up?  How much is this ride gonna run?  Well, now there's a low cost alternative that sounds like it has potential.  Read on...

Uber, an internet app from a San Francisco company which matches drivers of private vehicles with you, when you need a ride, has just launched in Fresno and here's how you do it.

You download the "Uber" app, file your credit card with the company, then when you need a ride, you just text for it.  A driver shows up and your ride is charged against your card.  Plus, if you sign up right now you can get a code to receive up to 6 free rides valued at up to 25 bucks each during the month of February.

Uber, however, is not without controversy.  Concerns have been raised over the quality of the private drivers as well as insurance coverage.  The state Public Utilities Commission has adopted regulations requiring drivers for Uber and other ride-sharing companies to have training and criminal background checks and to have commercial liability insurance.  So, that's good. 

That being said, you don't really know who your driver is.

That being said, you could save some real dollars. 

To "Uber" or not to "Uber?"  We'll leave it up to you.  If you do, get back to us and share your experience.  DaveT