Been doing some homework and I have a warning this morning for the boys. 

These are the THREE WORST VALENTINE'S GIFTS!  Guys, listen up.  This is for you...

1. THE TRIED AND TRUE RED ROSES AND BABY'S BREATH.  Now, I figured that all flowers were pretty though expensive, always a winner and predictably perfect.  Uh, no!  Not when I consulted every girl I've, like, EVER KNOWN!  Turns out, roses are too obvious (Translate; thoughtless!)  Oops!  Seems that most girls have their own flower.  For my wife, it's the kind of soft pastel peach color that we had at our wedding.  Carnations preferred.  And it also seems as though you'll do best (I'm talkin' to YOU buddy) if you go with all one color.  And while you're at it, go 2 or 3 dozen.  So there!

2. THAT BOX OF CHOCOLATES.  Again, from my extensive research, the problem is that all chocolates are not created equal.  Out of, say, 16 chocolates, you like, say, 3.  Your solution, know your lady's chocolate. Let's say that she is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup person, forget the assorted chocolates.  Go 15 to 20 PB Cups and work the packaging.  Hand-paint a bowl to put 'em in or give her those chocolates in a soft scarf.  Hmmm!

And the WORST Valentine's gift of all...

3. JEWELRY IN A RING-SHAPED BOX.  Don't put ANYTHING in a ring-shaped box that's NOT, in fact, an ENGAGEMENT RING!  Women know that you're most likely to pop that question on Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's or her birthday.  When she sees that box, she's either gonna freak out because she's not ready or be devastated when THAT RING is NOT in there.  So, no matter how nice the gift, get a gift bag or a shirt box. 


GIVE HER A RING-SHAPED BOX!  (Careful, you better mean it!)  DaveT