Wow!  Valentine's Day is just inches away, so we thought we'd tell ya about a few places to find those sweets for YOUR sweetie!

California Gourmet Company has made ridiculously decadent strawberry treats for over 27 years and they've got something for your honey this Valentine's.  First, it's those amazing strawberries, as big as baseballs, so big that sometimes they don't even fit in the box.  6 for $19.95.  They also feature chocolate caramel apples, chocolate-dipped Oreos and Valentine's s'mores with heart-shaped marshmallows.  2015 W. Bullard.  432-9135.

Rosetti's Biscotto house in Clovis, known for its biscottis, biscotti bark and harvest cakes which contain a medley of dried fruit, is featuring heart-shaped biscotti bark, a cookie-like creation flavored with rich chocolate, just for Valentine's.  Plus, many of their items are being featured in special Valentine's packaging.  25 Railroad Ave. Clovis.  323-6450.

If chocolate-covered nuts, fruit and candy float your boat, drop by the Sierra Nut house or Bella Fruita.  Sierra Nut House 7901 Blackstone.  432-4023.  Bella Fruita 1959 N. Willow Clovis.  298-8290.

And for dee-li-cious cinnamon rolls, stop by Dough Ray Me Bakery in Medara.  $1.50 each in a package of 10.  284-0754.

Happy Valentine's week.  Eat a strawberry!  DaveT