How's THIS for irony?  Angelina Jolie, who turned down the lead role in "Gravity," ended up presenting the Oscar for Best Director to "Gravity's" Alfonso Cuaron.  Turns out Angelina had a scheduling conflict which set up Sandra Bullock for the job. 

Ironies abound from Sunday's telecast.  First, that pizza guy, Edgar Martirosyan, thought those pizzas were just for some writers, before he descended into the audience and met EVERY A-lister EVER.  But, there's more.  Coca-Cola was plastered all over those pizza boxes.  But PEPSI had just signed on as exclusive soft drink sponsor of the evening.  Oops!  ABC and Pepsi are not amused.

And the ironies continue.  Remember that Super Selfie that Ellen took with all those superstars?  In that case, Bradley Cooper actually snapped the shot.  And, even though that was Ellen's camera, seems that he who takes the picture owns the rights.  Ellen had signed over all of HER rights but Bradley had no such arrangement.  Somebody could make himself a bundle.  

Hope you enjoyed the broadcast.  You were one of 43 million to watch.  It's the biggest number in the past decade.  Pass the pizza.  DaveT