Yo, Dave Here!

Alright, we don't actually have a new AND SEPARATE fashion reporter.  It's Teri Ann in a different hat.  (But it IS a fasionable hat!)

Just thought we'd reiterate the hot new fashion trends Teri Ann has discovered from New York Fashion Week. 

1. Bright Colors.  (like scarlets, fushias and citrons)  I can see TA in those.

2. Robe Coats.  Kinda based on bathrobes only worn out in actual public.  Long, loungy, comfy.  But wouldn't you hate to leave home in one.  I mean you're already home and comfy! 

3. Cowgirl Hats.  Specifically, black cowgirl hats.  For real!  We're about to see if Teri Ann is ACTUALLY a "little bit country."  I'll keep ya posted.

4.  Overalls.  (but in bright prints and sexy shapes and sleek black!)  Now, we'll see if Teri Ann is a WHOLE LOT country.

5. Velvet.  Everything from cocktail dresses to lounge pants in gemstone, red and black hues.  (Could be hope for me in a purple velvet smoking jacket!)

6. Furry Accents. (on everything from coats to cowls to clutches)  If Teri Ann is really serious about "furry," she'll rock it when it's 140 degrees next July!

And finally...

7. GOLD EVERYTHING!  Gold-dipped braids, gold manicures, GOLD EVERYTHING!  Now THIS is the Teri Ann I know.  Say hi when you see her, and say it with GOLD! DaveT