How big is Pharrell's hit, "Happy?"  iTunes ranks it #1 today in 91 COUNTRIES!  It's THAT big!

So The UN figured it'd hook up with the "Happy" man to celebrate the "International Day of Happiness" on March 20th.  Established in 2012, the day acknowledges that "the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal."  Yes!

So starting today, we're all encouraged to create You Tube videos "demonstrating our happiness" to the "Happy" soundtrack and post them with the hashtag #HAPPYDAY to Pharrell's new site, 24HoursOfHappiness.  Then, on March 20th, Pharrell will personally spotlight the best submissions at noon in each time zone.

But wait, there's more "Happy."

Pharrell is also encouraging us to donate to the Central Emergency Response Fund to "support critical aid operations for those affected by natural disasters" and "provide fast and reliable humanitarian assistance."

Today's best person...Pharrell!  Now, don't worry...get "Happy!"  DaveT