Finally, an actual list of the "Naughty and Nice."

It comes from the company, School Stickers.  These are the people who provide the stickers, postcards and certificates presented to students as rewards.

So, as you can plainly see, the students most mentioned for rewards of all kinds are obviously the nicest on Santa's list.  According to School Stickers, Robert and Courtney are the best-behaved (Nicest) kids hands down.  As for Michael and Phoebe, don't even ask.  Michael and Phoebe...BAD, very bad.

Again, according to the sheer number of awards handed out in 2013, here, in descending order, are your NICEST boys.  Robert, Jamie, Oliver, Ales and Kieran.  For the boys, the worst bad apple...Michael.

Nicest girls (NICEST first)...Courtney, Rachel, Shannon, Lucy and Amy.  Naughtiest girl...Phoebe.  Naughtiest numbers 2-5...Olivia, Holly, Alice and Bethany.

Hey, if you've been bad, you'd better shape up.  Less than a week 'til HE comes down the chimney!  DaveT (Santa provided by