Just a little something for you to chew on as you head down to the candy machine today...

Sam Panopolous, a CANADIAN from London, Ontario, claims to have invented the HAWAIIAN pizza back in 1962.  This according to Sam and Wikipedia.  Yeah, we know.  CANADIAN bacon.  But you need PINEAPPLE, too.  And those aren't allowed north of the border. 

Almonds are part of the peach family.  Look at an almond close up.  Hmmm.  Looks like a peach!

How about berries?  A berry, by definition, is a fleshy fruit produced from a single ovary.  (What are we? In health class?) That puts watermelon and avocados in the berry family.  But for some reason, since strawberries have seeds on the OUTSIDE, strawberries are NOT berries.  What?!? 

Most salmon we eat are DYED pink.  We all know that farmed salmon is crummy but did you know that they are fed pellets to make their flesh pink? The flesh of farmed fish starts out GRAY!  Ewww!


Sad but true...Twinkies have a shelf-life of only about 45 days.  THAT'S NOT FOREVER, like we were brought up to believe.  Conversely, honey DOES last forever.  They even found some in those Egyptian tombs.  It may crystalize or change color over time but it's still safe to consume. 

Now, if they could only stuff a Twinkie middle with honey...  FOREVER TWINKIES?  What do you think? DaveT