Uh-oh! Her comes another "Dirty Purse" story.  Where have you had that thing?  A new study says that 20% of purse handles have surfaces that are TEEMING with bacteria which are HARMFUL TO HUMAN HEALTH!  Yucch!

The dirtiest thing in your purse?  It's your hand lotion, which was found to carry more bacteria than the average TOILET SEAT!  And lipstick and mascara came in a close dirty 2nd and 3rd.

(I'm thinking that mini-bottle of Purell has to be loaded with 10 tons of germs too, because that's the first thing you reach for after you've changed the baby, touched that shopping cart handle or squished a bug.) 

Leather bags have the most bad stuff on 'em because that spongy texture provides the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.

(Feel like you should zip into your hazmat suit before you finish this rant?)

So what do you do? 

The experts say you should regularly sanitize your hands and that bag with antibacterial wipes.

Just WHERE have you had that thing? (photo from fendi-sale.com)