Does your little girl have a Barbie?  If she does, or if you're considering getting her one, you might want to rethink that after you hear this...

According to a new study, the career aspiration of a young girl playing with a Barbie doll is diminished in just 5 minutes!  Researchers randomly assigned 37 girls aged 4 to 7 to play with one of three dolls: Doctor Barbie, Fashion Barbie or Mrs. Potato Head.

After playtime, the kids were shown photos of 10 occupations and asked whether they could see themselves in the role in the future.  Those who played with one of the 2 Barbies were much more likely to limit the number of occupations they imagined themselves in.  Conversely, those who played with Mrs. Potato Head felt capable of pursuing all 10 occupations.  

Says one expert, "Playing with Barbie has an effect on girls' ideas about their place in the world."

So, if your girl has a Barbie, will you pull it or leave it?  If you're considering buying Barbie, will you reconsider or maybe go with the Potato?

Hmmm...  DaveT