Lucky for you if you listened this morning.  If ya missed it, here goes...

These are 5 key tips to VASTLY improve your life today...

1. That dust in your cereal.  We know.  Your kids got there first and every box you shake, it's mostly dust in there.  So, if you gotta have a bowl, pour what you got into a colander over the sink and shake.  Voila!  All cereal, no dust!  (Now, to find a clean spoon!)

2. Butter too cold?  Can't wait for the big thaw.  GRATE IT!  Grab the cheese grater and grate that butter right onto your toast.  Easy...and BRILLIANT!

3. Having guests?  Serve condiments in a muffin tin!  Up to 12 condiments and only one dish (tin) to wash.  Brilliant again!

4. Never dilute chilled wine again.  FREEZE GRAPES, TO CHILL WHITE WINE WITHOUT WATERING IT DOWN!  Until now, you've added that ice cube waited about 10 minutes, and, oops! you've got wine water.  Eeew!  Instead, add a frozen grape!  Wine equals grapes.  Grapes equals wine.  GRAPE ICE CUBES.  Brilliant yet again!

5.  YOU ARE EATING YOUR CHICKEN WINGS ALL WRONG!  Listen up (and this really works).  Pick up the wing.  Find the end with the bigger protusion of bone.  Tear off that unpleasant bit of cartilege.  Twist the skinny bone and pull it out.  Twist the fatter bone and pull it out.  Eat the whole thing, boneless, in one tasty bite.

There you go.  Stay tuned for future tips.  Your life with Dave and Teri Ann just keeps on getting better and better.  DaveT