With many of us planning to head south to "the Happiest Place on Earth" (sure feels like winter today), or looking ahead to our Spring Break with the kids at "The Magic Kingdom," here are 13 tips to get you through...

To help you prepare for your trip, Disneyland will send you a free Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD.

If there's a long line for the ticket booth you can forgo the wait by buying your tix with your mobile device.

This could save you some serious cash.  Buy princess dresses, pirate costumes and Mickey T-shirts ahead of time then spring them on your happy campers when they least expect them.  Talk about happy faces!

The Fastpass system is there for you and it's an awesome way to cut down on wait times.

The Disneyland Wait Times App will let you know how busy rides are throughout the day.

Pressed pennies are the cheapest souvenirs available at the Disney resorts.  (Still don't know if someone goes to jail when you squash Ameican coinage.  You're on your own on this one.)

Add something distinctive to your stroller so you can find that darn thing when you leave the ride.  I remember looking at 50-75 blue Graco's and feeling dizzy.

To avoid a potential meltdown, know your kid's height exact height before you ride the ride.

If you plan to eat at one of Disneyland's better known restaurants, make reservations.

If it's your kid's birthday, visit Guest Relations and get a special button.

If your kid's balloon pops, that nice Disney cast member will get you a new one.

And...most importantly...

Write your cell phone number on your kid in case you get separated.

Have fun!  DaveT