Dave here.  Teri Ann and I came across the most interesting website...funny, too if you're a mom.  It's MommyShorts.com and it's all about moms blogging all about moms, and all they have to deal with on a daily basis.  In answering the question, "Why is my kid crying?," see if any of these sound familiar.    

"Why is MY kid crying?"

I won't let her eat a tomato on the couch.

Her identical sister called her ugly.

I wouldn't let her crash a party at Build-A-Bear.

The blue spoon is in the dishwasher.

Because I won't let him step on the blackberries he threw on the carpet.

I won't let him drink chocolate syrup out of the bottle.

He wanted the milk on the top of the cereal, not the bottom.

Because I couldn't sing along with a song SHE WAS MAKING UP AS WHE WENT ALONG.

Because I made her take the plastic wrap off the cheese before eating it.

His pants don't have pockets.

I won't let him eat frozen chicken nuggets in the grocery store.


I wouldn't let her throw her juice box at the ceiling fan to "see what happens."