Here, according to Billboard Magazine, are music's biggest money makers in the last 12 months.  These are ranked by U. S. earnings, touring totals, music sales, publishing royalties (You've gotta WRITE your own songs.), and revenue from digital and video streaming.  Sponsorships and merchandise are NOT included. 

Let's count 'em down...

10. Fleetwood Mac $19,123,101 mostly from their 2013 World Tour

9. Pink $20,072,072 What an amazing performance at Savemart.  That, the rest of her tour and being named Billboard's 2013 Woman of the Year didn't hurt.

8. Luke Bryan $22,142,235 Fastest rising country star since Taylor Swift.  (There's more country coming up on this list.)

7. Maroon 5 $22,284,754 Surprising, with all of Adam Levine's TV exposure, that they're not even bigger.

6. Beyoncé $24,429,176 That surprise iTunes album release blew the music world out of the water.

5. The Stones $26,225,121 And you thought their days as a live touring band were in the past. 

4. Bon Jovi $29,436,801 The band's "Because We Can" tour was the top grossing tour of 2013.

3. Justin Timberlake $31,463,297 $60 million gross with Jay Z from a dozen shows.  $43 million for a million fans in 39 solo shows.  The kid can draw!

2. Kenny Chesney $32,956,240


#1. Taylor Swift $39,699,575 Her "Red" tour was tops, her album sales were 8th best and, on the digital front, Taylor is elite with nearly 10 million downloads.