A new survey from  Kia says: What makes men and women feel confident are whole different things.

Interesting to see the different perspectives of Mars and Venus when it comes to stepping out and feeling good about ourselves.  We've been talking about it on the radio and you might think men and women are whole different animals...and you'd be right.  


Here, in order, are the Top 11 Things which make a women feel confident...

11. Matching lingerie

10. A diamond ring

9. Being asked out on a date

8. A day off

7. Designer perfume

6. Lipstick

5. Shaved legs

4. Booking a vacation

3. Walking in heels

2. A sunny day

1. A new haircut


For the guys...

11. Calvin Klein boxers

10. Morning coffee

9. Cuff links

8. Getting a new job

7. 3-day weekends

6. Sleeping in freshly washed sheets

5. A new haircut

4. A nice smelling aftershave

3. A new suit

2. A fresh shave

1. A sunny day


At #2 and #1 respectively, it looks like another sunny day in the Central Valley is just the ticket.  have a confident day!  DaveT