Dave here.  Question: Were you jittery on too much coffee half way through the show this morning?  Then this might be just perfect for you...

The "Up Coffee" app is now available as a free app for your smart phone or tablet.  And it's custom designed just for you, to figure out how much caffeine you can handle before you get all wired, and when you cut yourself off before bedtime. 

First download the app, then fill out a short form that asks your sex, weight, height, how sensitive you are to caffeine and your regular bedtime.  When you have a cup of coffee, tea or energy drink, just type it into your app.  It will tell you if you're close to getting wired and how much time you'll need before you're able to get a good night's sleep.

The science behind this thing is provided by experts who've studied caffeine intake and how it affects your body.  There's also an Up wristband which tracks how your eat, sleep and move and you can sync it with "Up." 

Worth a try?  What do you think?

"Up Coffee" the app...ready now for download.  DaveT