Book it!

Book a trip this weekend to see those cute little Malayan tiger cubs at the Chaffee Zoo!  They busted these little guys out on Tuesday (3/11) and they've been the hit of the Zoo ever since.  And here's just how special these cubs are.  There are only 500 Malayan tigers in the wild in all the world and only 60 in captivity.  Fresno accounts for fully 10% of that figure with mom, dad and the four baby tigers, two boys and two girls.  The four cubs, Berani, Cinta, Arya and Batari, are ready for their close-up from 11 to noon weekdays and 11 am to 1 pm on weekends.

Tigers DO sleep 16 to 20 hours a day and when they get bigger they tend to get less cuddly and a lot more independent.  So, catch 'em now while they're still cute.  You might be lucky.  For their first two years they play hard and spend a lot of time jumping and romping around (a fun show for you and me). 

Visit the Zoo!  See the tigers!  Bring the kids!  Have fun!  DaveT