Dave here, with an apology.  Early last morning we broke the story that the Alcohol, Tax and Trade Bureau (whatever that is) had approved the sale of Palcohol (alcohol in powdered form).  Seemed to us to be a million reasons why this could be a bad idea, ie; sneaking it into sporting events, sprinkling it on fries, what kids would do with it...your turn.  I was thinking of putting it in a salt shaker at home just to see what happens when guests come over for dinner...but that's just me.  Anyway, before we got off the air yesterday, the government issued a retraction, saying there must have been a typo or someone misspoke or...  Anyway, NO PALCOHOL yet. 

But wait...

THIS morning, we get news that a company called Lollyphile is putting lollipops on the market with beer in them.  Brilliant!  Watch for these beer lollies to come in IPA, lager and stout flavors.  For those partial to wine, try the cabernet, chardonnay or merlot flavors.  They're even experimenting with a chocolate bacon flavored lollipop. 

Isn't America a great place?  USA, USA, USA, beer lollipops!  DaveT