First, the latest fun rumors...

After Disney picked up the rights to all those Marvel characters (2009) AND since they teamed up with Lucasfilm in 2012, rumors have run rampant that they would open a third park with all those unbelievable possibilities.  How about "Star Wars Land" or "Indiana Jones Adventure" or something to do with all those Marvel superheroes.  But, so far, nothing.

For now, Disney officials are focused on parking, saying that piece of land they own at the corner of Harbor and Ball will provide 1,400 more spaces for employees, freeing up more spaces for us.

Then, there's the crowds.  2 options there.  Expand the park (Sorry, we covered that.) or raise the price.  Oops!  May 16th, the one day ticket went up 4 bucks to $96. (PS. Universal just added 4 bucks to their one-day to $92.)  The problem with overcrowding has cropped up in recent years because of locals purchasing the SoCal Annual Pass.  $379 would get you 215 days a year including Sundays.  They've now suspended that.  But, get this, 2 years ago Disney raised the price for it's 365 day pass to $649.  Didn't work.  It kept selling and they kept coming.  

Now, some park goers are complaining that the parks should add new attractions to justify the big prices.

So, no plans for a new Disney park yet and bigger crowds every year since 2004, but even at that $96 hit, you know, it's STILL the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

Put those mouse ears on and smile!  DaveT