Dave here.  Chatting this morning about the fact that rents are going up all over California these days and we came up with a bunch of reasons that you might want to make that jump to ownership (especially considering that it's 38% cheaper to buy a home right now than to rent one).  Here are a few...

Home prices rose 12 percent in 2013.  Better make the leap now before you miss the train.

You can ramp up energy efficiency.  Energy efficient improvements like adding insulation and upgrading your air-conditioning unit can reduce your monthly utility bill.  And these kinds of things make so much more sense than when you rent.

You can customize your space.   Whether you want to knock out a wall or completely remodel your kitchen or bathroom, these are things you can't do while you rent.

Buy a place and you've got no landlord...EVER.

Unlike rent, a fixed mortgage can't go up (even if inflation does)!

Homeowners get a fat tax deduction.


You can still take advantage of historically low interest rates.  Sure, you probably won't fid a loan in the 3's but even in the mid to high 4's, that's HISTORICALLY phenomenal.

So, if you're thinking of taking the plunge, this could be the perfect time!  DaveT