Maybe it's time YOU got with a lefty too.  Came across 7 reasons you should find a left-handed person and stick with 'em.  here goes...

1. They're hotter (after dark)...if you know what we mean.  86% of left-handers report being satisfied with that part of their lives.  Only 15% of righties say so.

2. They're leaders.  4 of the last 7 presidents are (were) left-handed.  Obama, Clinton, H. W. Bush and Ford all bat left.  4 of the five who designed the original Mac were lefties.  Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate lefty sex symbol.

3. They're geniuses.  20% of all Mensa's members are left-handers.  Some brilliant lefties...Charles Darwin, Al Einstein and Ben Franklin.

4. They're rare.  Only 15-20% of us are left-handed.  If you find one, keep 'em.

5. They're rich.  Left-handed men are 15% more likely to be rich than right-handed guys. 

6. They can multitask.  Science says that being left-handed forces your brain to think more quickly.  So lefties have an easier time sorting through a lot of unorganized info.


7. They're creative.  Since lefties rely on the right side of their brains more, which is used for activities needing imagination, emotion and creativity, they tend to be better at music, art and language.  Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo?  Both lefties.