Like you need more facts and figures going through your head, here goes...

76% of us filed early this year.  That leaves a bunch of us watching the clock tick down to midnight. 

About 1 in every 2 tax filers turned to a pro this year to get it done.  15% of us use software like TurboTax.  17% turn to family members.   Only 15% of us dare to go it alone.  THANK YOU BARBARA!  (My tax person) I don't know how you tax preparers shovel through all of our stuff each April to put it all to bed on time.  Bless you all!

This stat surprises me.  3 out of 4 of us files electronically.  Seems high but it sure works fast.  If you haven't taken this ride yet, get on it quick.

The average American earns $1,235,720 over a lifetime, pays $178,364 in taxes.

The average Form 1040 without any schedules takes 11 hours and 35 minutes to complete.  I HAVE SCHEDULES.  Boy, do I have schedules.  (Thanks again, Barbara!)

Average Americans like you and I pay an aggregate $30,000 in federal, state and local taxes EVERY SECOND.

And finally, the number of unclaimed tax refunds held by the IRS is 96,000.  The amount of money out there waiting to be claimed...$62,000,000!  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

One final important note as we clock watch, the USPS says that due to cutbacks, don't count on your post office to be open 'til midnight.  Most will be open just normal hours.  And if you're concerned about getting your package postmarked before midnight tonight, be sure to have it hand-stamped at the window.

Good luck, be careful, stay out of jail.  Ha! DaveT