Dave here.  Let's gather around for another round of teen parenting.  It's always something.  This time it's Beezin.'  Just thought we'd keep you up on stuff that your kids might be dragging in.

Seems like our teens/tweens never run out of goofy and dangerous things to do to their bodies when we're not looking.  The latest is Beezin.'  That's where these kids are rubbing Burt's Bees lip balm on their eyelids to get a tingly sensation.  It's supposed to either give them a buzz or keep them up for exams or... Well we thought we'd keep you in the loop so you can be on the lookout. 

PS. If you think it's harmless, think again.  In addition to allergic reactions or pinkeye-like symptoms, you COULD GO BLIND!  If you think that's a alarmist parent ranting, fact is if one borrows another's Burt's and puts it on their eyelids, the herpes virus could be on there and, yes, blindness would be a possible downside. 

Burt's says to use it only on your lips...YOUR LIPS! 

Life was so much easier when WE were in high school.  Spitballs!  That's as bad as it got.  So, parents, breathe!  Somehow we'll make it through THIS, too.  DaveT