Got a big response when we reeled off that list of the inventions every woman wants and deserves, so here it is...

A bank that sends you angry texts when you've spent too much money on shoes

A highly sophisticated robot bra that perfectly conforms to your exact measurements

And converts into any kind of bra you need (sport, strapless, t-shirt...)

And has a cloaking mode so that its straps are always undetectable


Nail polish that stays unchipped for several weeks

But changes colors EVERY week

Pizza that burns calories when you eat it

A pair of heels that can change height based on your outfit

Jeans that automatically shrink to the right length when you try them on

Birth control for men

Zero calorie waffles

Zero calorie Nutella

Spanx which don't make you feel like all your organs are going numb

Hats that don't give you hat hair

An app that sends your mother a reassuring text once a day

Entire outfits that are work-appropriate but are made of yoga pants material

Clothing sizes that are realistic (Zero...REALLY?)

A food with the nutritional value of kale but tastes like Cheetos

A food with the nutritional value of kale but tastes like Oreos

And finally...

A corporate culture which makes sure you earn as much as men do

D and TA