Looks like Hollywood kids are following in the steps of Beyonce and JayZ.  Much like the 22-day vegan diet that those 2 do, seems that Hollywood's kid stars are now doing a variation with their 2 week Kiddie Kleanse.  Created by yogi-to-the-stars author Rainbeau Mars, it was inspired by what she and her daughter Jade were cooking at Jade's school. 

Celeb kids have now joined the challenge.   Johnny Sequoyah of the show "Believe" is in and says she already feels better.  She loves doughnuts and french fries but has learned that when "you're only eating junk food, it makes you really tired.  Johnny likes the veggie smoothies and also the kale salad with lemon as her favorite "healthy substitute."  According to Ms. Mars, Chia pudding is another favorite. 

Kid rapper Lela Brown, who was a contestant on "America's Got Talent," has signed up and says, "I thought it would be a really cool experience to try being vegan."

But Mars says that when it comes to kids, this cleanse is not about weight loss.  Besides health benefits, she wants the kids to really think about where their food is coming from.  Avoiding animal products, including cholesterol and antibiotics is good for the planet and good for us all.

Now running for a couple of weeks, around 300 Hollywood kids have joined the Vegan Cleanse Challenge.  Available through a daily email, if you or someone you know would like to participate, email info@rainbeaumars.com

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