Got a problem with lunatics speeding through your neighborhood when kids are playing?  How about a fake speed sign?  Now, of course, we're not suggesting this, but in New York City they've put up a bunch of these and it seems to have drawn attention.  While the usual LEGAL sign will read, "SPEED 20," these read, "SPEED 20 'is plenty.'" 

Anti-speeding activists say, "20 mph is ideal for saving lives.  If you're hit by a car going 30, you have a 50% chance of dying.  If you're hit by someone going just 20, there's a 95% chance of surviving."  Apparently, these people in New York have mapped out where communities have applications for Slow Zones were rejected or were still waiting for a response.  In many of those locations, they've posted the "Fake 20" signs.

Though the city theoretically takes these signs down, interestingly the NYPD has not immediately responded.  Wonder if they're just winking and looking the other way?

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