So you probably heard.  Lucky Willy DeVecchio (76) was scratching her California Lottery Black Exclusive Scratcher yesterday (3/11) and in the money slot she kept finding more zeros.  She hands her winning ticket to her husband, Pete (93) and Pete says, "That's a million dollars."  Yup! It was.  $1,000,000.  But the Central Valley's lucky day didn't end there. 

No way.

Last night on "Wheel of Fortune," Pat Sajak introduced Roseanne Van Nest, a middle school language arts teacher, and her daughter Liz from Hanford, to couples night and they proceeded to blow the roof off the game.  Not only did they move on to the bonus round, but along the way they picked up that million dollar wedge.  As you probably know, in that case, the $100,000 prize on the bonus wheel is replaced with a potential MILLION dollars.  Well, they immediately won the bonus puzzle, Pat unfolded the card they'd picked from the W on the bonus wheel.  it paid off for $45,000.  Total take for the night...$77,898.  But here's the killer.  ONE CARD OVER from the one they chose was the MILLION DOLLAR BONUS. 

That close!

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