Dave here.  Came across these 11 predictors of a successful marriage and we thought you'd like to see how your relationship matches up...

-Do not get married before the age of 25

-DO NOT have kids in the first year of marriage (Better to learn each other before you have to start learning ALL THAT?)

-Have an income-producing job with stability before you tie the knot (Dave excluded. He lives out on the ledge.)

-Couples who consider themselves religious/spiritual are less likely to get divorced

-College educated couples have a lower chance of divorcing than those with only a high school diploma

-Make sure the one you love is your best friend

-Always fight fair in your relationship

-Keep your individual identity (We ARE starting to dress alike. Gotta work on that.)

-Always allow time to be alone...for BOTH of you

-Talk about anything and everything (Communication lines OPEN!)


-Always show mutual respect and admiration for each other

And this one's mandatory for the boys...KISS HER! C'mon, KISS HER! DaveT