It's that one time of the day when the whole family is together to share all the excitement of the day gone by...or is it?  Does is seem almost impossible to get everyone's attention?  Especially when everyone's on their phone, even right there at the dinner table?

Turns out, there's an App for that.  it's DinnerTime!

DinnerTime gives parents like you the ability to lock and unlock their kid's phones from their own devices.  Yes!  Once you activate the "lock" function, several features on your kid's phone are temporarily disabled, including internet, calling and texting.


Yes, again!  The App's creators hope that DinnerTime will help families better enjoy their meals together without all those distractions.  Now, there will be "CONVERSATION."  (That's where sounds come out of that move-y thing on the front of your face.)  Fidgeting and sulking?  Sorry, no answer for those.  DaveT